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Web Development investment platform - every link can be foundation for lifetime dividends*


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Link example:

We are ready for proposals and investments. Right now you may put backlinks on this page with parameter (?id=) where id is your bitcoin wallet. Any transaction that will be made from traffic, that sent through this link, or "weight", that this link gives to the whole SEO effect, affect on your dividends.
To get other sources for links and customize your ids, please write using contact us form or live chat.
All dividends will be start paid after official open of our StartUp.

Also you may invest bitcoins as one of a method, on this resources we will buy hosting, domains, articles, and pay salary to programmers, SEO, SMM and other managers. You will get your dividends as as a payback on the wallet, where from you invest!
BONUS! (until 30 of December 2017)
On each share we set price 1$. If you decide to get on board, please be notice, that one time fee for membership is
100 000$+ - beside your dividends, you will get 100 000+ tokens of Crypto.Club project. It mean's, that you can sell your shares at any time, after official start. In any case please write on before purchase


You may invest any amount to Bitcoin address:


Investment of [[value]] BTC Received. Congratulations!

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